Hello dear friends from all over the world and thank you for visiting my Christmas thread for 2011. I think that it has been about 4 years for me on the All Things Christmas forum and the mods have not kicked me out yet For the last month or so I have been writing down some of the ideas that I have floating around in my mind ( or what is left of it) The first item that I will deal with will be the outdoor lights on the upper gables. They should be up before the end of October. I cannot do any more outdoor as I have Halloween decorations to set up shortly so it would look a little strange lol. Once Halloween is over I will start on the set up of the big tree. Here in North America, Canada and the US celebrate Thanksgiving however Canadian Thanksgiving is in October and which is why I am able to start setting up the first week of November.

My wife keeps yelling at me when I mention Christmas at this time of the year. She reminds me that I need to focus on getting the house set up for Halloween. What makes it even harder is when several stores that I shop at for decorations start in late September.

I have more detailed work to do this year on the big tree and what I am going to attempt to do is going to push me to my decorating limits. There are going to be a lot more lights, more ornaments, and a tree topper if I am able to figure out how I can safely put it on the top of the tree and anchoring without falling 15 feet I just hope my back holds up as I have been having issues with my sciatica throughout the year.

I also have to figure out what I am going to do with the 8.5 foot tree that I used to use as my crystal tree when I was living in the apartment. It sat undecorated in my basement last year. I have been thinking of changing the red theme tree ( which has been a 4 foot tree up to now ) to the 7.5 ft tree that I have used in the past for the purple theme )

We live in very troubled times and my hope is that through my Christmas decorating I can put a smile on your face. It is going to be a crazy few months !!!

Sincerely yours,