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Thread: Best Christmas Gift

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    Best Christmas Gift

    Hello Members,

    Which one is the Best Christmas Gift for your loved one?

    Share your reviews!!

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    :santa: gifts for my loves ones

    Quote Originally Posted by thomas.kevin View Post
    Hello Members,

    Which one is the Best Christmas Gift for your loved one?

    Share your reviews!!
    I make my own gifts for my loves ones; they are unique, beautiful & suitable for everyone. maybe it will give you some idea, you can take a look:
    happy days!!

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    i like the idea of making things for my loved ones this year im making a blanket for my sister but i also think buying gifts are just special because for me im getting things that i know will be special for that person. for example my mother in law loves snowmen and i found a green bay packer snowman snow globe that is perfect for her!! i love finding that special gift!

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    Best Christmas Gift

    Christmas is a festival of joy, happiness and lights. This Christmas give gifts who want it more make some charity for poor and people in need. This will best Christmas gift for ever by you to your society.

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    Please tell me that which scooter is better for a 8 year old kid, I have to gift my cousin a one but I am confused between kick and simple manual scooter.
    Kids scooters
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    I think simple manual scooter is best for your cousin. Kick scooter is so tough and risk for him.

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    I agree the scouter sounds like a good idea

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    My puppy Tice... she's a cutie. want to post a picture, but I can't yet.. :(

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    Best Christmas gift

    I would go for a gift I can give to all my loved ones - like personalized family calendar with family photos and important dates or a family cookbook...

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    :tree: Best christmas gif

    The best Christmas gift for your family could be a personalised stocking that you can buy in "stocking factory". I got one last year and it was amazing, so cute and with excellent quality. I recomend everyone to buy there.
    the website is

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