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Thread: Best Christmas Gift

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    I like to make gifts, but im not very good at stuff like that! Its always the thought that counts!

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    This Christmas I want to give my younger sister a pet for she was willing to have from a year. I think this will be a best Christmas gift for her.

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    merry christmas everybody

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    philipjames Guest


    I got a chocolate from Santa on the eve of this Christmas and i like it very much.

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    vikismith Guest
    you can give wallet, hand bag and toys if your loved one is a children. Choclates and cards are also another good option.

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    шдето я что то подобное уже видел

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    waseem Guest

    Christmas gift

    The best Christmas gift is flower. I wish to give my lover a flower.

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    A huge white teddy bear from my cousin when I was 9, I still keep it until now, I am 26 by the way.

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    Best Christmas gift according to me for my girlfriend can be the trust and promise of being together for lifelong.

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    That'd be pretty difficult to wrap.

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