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Thread: Childhood Memories

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    Yeah, it was pretty. Too bad they don't make trees like that anymore 'cause I certainly would get one if they did.

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    The Christmas Memories that I remember the most is that I would go down stairs atleast 6 times a night just to see if Santa had came yet! And then when I saw the presents 5 am or not I would quickly wake up my siblings that Santa had came! We would sprint down the stairs and wake up my parents. After we would take turns opening presents and looking through our stockings!

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    the one thing I wouldnt forget during christmas was when my Grandma would shower bunch and bunch of Coins that he saved for a whole year just to shower it to her grandsons during Christmas.. Now, that would not happen anymore, coz my Grandma is not here anymore.. *sighhh*
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    I'm sure the coins were Christmas magic! I have to make a special effort to get in the spirit since both Mom and Dad have gone on.
    There are several memories of having chicken pox and so did I during Christmas '59 <yikes> when I was 5 y.o. I was allowed out of bed long enough to unveil a big gift. It was a full drum set! Snare, bass and cymbals. I started banging on them long enough for a photo op. Then back to bed. Funny how this is my most memorable Christmas!
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    opening gifts on the day of Christmas... weeee
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    my first recollection of being taken to see Santa, was at the shopping mall in my hometown, the mall was a very busy place in those days. I was placed on Santa's lap and I was scared crazy...I don't think I said a word. Santa mumbled some stuff, mom & dad took a picture. I was handed a mini candy cane and helped off his lap. I was ready to head home

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    I remember when my parents made a recording for me on my dad's tape recorder or "reel to reel" as they were called of Santa talking to my mother on Christmas Eve. My dad was "suspiciously missing" from the recording. When I asked my mom where dad's voice was, she said......."Oh..well it evidently did not pick up your dad's voice....." I still have the recording somewhere. It was very special that they did that for me and I really miss both of them.

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    Oranges! For some reason the smell of oranges always reminds me of Christmas.I always used to have an apple,orange and some nuts in the bottom of my stocking.Just the smell of peeling an orange can take way back to my Christmas youth

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    every Christmas is special.I remember when I was younger how I used to wrote a letter to Santa and leave it behind the windowI wrote so many things,I think my parents were

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    I remember being about 6 years old and looking down out my bedroom window at the snow on the eaves on Christmas morning. I was amazed to see the marks made by the runners of Santa's sleigh with little tiny hoof prints running right between them!!

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