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Thread: Childhood Memories

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    I remember when I was 10 years old or so and didn't believe in Santa any longer my parents started taking me to midnight Mass. The church was candle lit and cozy and smelled like pine. I loved singing the carols and visiting the creche after Mass and greeting Baby Jesus. We would go home then and open presents and have snacks. The walk home from church was magical. It seemed that it was always snowing and I was excited anticipating my presents and how my parents would like their presents from me (carefully selected at the local 5 & 10--I guess that would be a Dollar Store now).Christmas day we had our Christmas roast and Yorkshire pudding then the neighbor kids would come over or I would go to visit them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I_live_For_Paris View Post
    The Christmas Memories that I remember the most is that I would go down stairs atleast 6 times a night just to see if Santa had came yet! And then when I saw the presents 5 am or not I would quickly wake up my siblings that Santa had came! We would sprint down the stairs and wake up my parents. After we would take turns opening presents and looking through our stockings!

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    I used to creep down many times a night as well! I loved sneaking out of my room and checking on the Christmas presents!

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    My grandpa died when I was 6. Every Christmas after that, my grandma stayed at our house on Christmas Eve to enjoy the holiday with us (so she wouldn't have to be alone). My biggest memory of all those years is simple: Every year, I would wake up early. No matter what time it was, she was already up, sitting in the kitchen, sipping on her coffee. I would sit with her, sip some morning cocoa, and wait for the rest of the family to wake. I'm a grown man, and thinking of that almost makes me cry. She passed away this past spring. Although those mornings are a distant memory, she will be missed this year more than I care to imagine.

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    :santa: Favorite Christmas Memories

    Every year we go over to my Me-Me's house a week or so before christmas and my moms side of the family (My mom has 4 brothers & sisters, my grandma has 3) gets together for christmas! My great aunt Pat always cooks huge bowls of soup & we all do the "Chinese auction" after the little ones open their gifts. It is always my favorite Christmas memory because it's when I really feel the Christmas spirit!!!

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