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im starting to feel the "christmas feelings" right about now. I am 14 and live for christmas. My parents laugh at me because I started playing carols on the stereo while doing my homework. They kind of spoil the feeling for me and make me feel like im the only one excited. This is great to see that other people are in this with me. Novemeber 15, in my opinion, is the kickoff on the christmas season. I love thanksgiving too, but you cant beat Christmas. The lights, decorations, carols, family, reminiscing on memories. I cant wait till we put up the 25 day calender for Christmas.My parents all ready have recieved over 20 catalogs in the mail. Christmas Eve at Grandmas house is amazing. I needed to get all of my feelings out here, because its driving me nuts! Someone respond... Happy Early Holiday
YOU are just like I was! I am 24 now but since I can remember I lived for christmas as a child! My mom would go nuts in September when I would pull out all of our christmas stuff just to look at it! It's good to hear that you have so much love in your heart for such a special holiday! You should be doing some things in school for christmas season in a month or so right?

Early Merry Christmas!