seems like i begin to feel that christmas thingy right about the time the nights get cool here in dallas.our first officially cool night was about two weeks ago when it began to drop to "sweater" weather by late fact yesterday i was out at 4am & wearing a jacket would have been comfortable.but i would've felt weird walking into walmart wearing one.
september has to do with that christmassy feeling because i see halloween stuff in the stores. halloween reminds me of christmas,as october 31st might as well be the first day of's on november 1st (late halloween night/early nov.1st)that the tv cable channels "showcase" and sounds of the seasons" begin to broadcast christmas music and continue through the rest of the holiday season
i always look forward to that.october is also not far from thanksgiving which also reminds me of christmas.but initially,i get the 'feeling' in september and this year it was mid september.