Poll: What will your biggest New Year's resolution be in 2009?

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Thread: Resolutions in 2009

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    Question Resolutions in 2009

    What will your resolutions be in 2009?
    Bob, Forum Moderator

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    Cool Resolutions

    I don't make resolutions I make goals.

    ~To get drivers license before 40th birthday
    ~To get a part time job
    ~save money
    ~Lose another thirty pounds
    ~buy new wardrobe

    That sounds like a lot but I have driven before with a permit. Never with a license!
    And I already lost 25 pounds this year working towards making it thirty for the year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by onemagicalchristmas View Post
    I don't make resolutions I make goals.
    And yes the resolutions, but just like onemagicalchrismas i make goals..

    i just started this year having my own family, so adjusting to finances was really new to me, esp that i work alone but thank God we were able to survive day to day and yes this is one of my biggest goals for the next year, get my finances straight of course and teach my bb sancho to be bright and happy baby

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    ma new year resolutin would be to quit smoking, to save money and less partyin..

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    no resolution for 2009.. live life to the fullest..

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    Quote Originally Posted by PumpkinJack81 View Post
    What will your resolutions be in 2009?
    Good evening from France to all forum members !
    I have decided to make no resolution. Anyway, you don't achieve them. I have lost once again this year a beloved member of my family. That's why I think the only important thing to do is to try to be with those you love as often as you can ! That's what I will try to do in 2009 !

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