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Thread: Best & Worst Christmas gifts

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    Best gift was an hour long beauty treatment at my favorite beauty salon from my husband. He knew I wanted some pampering.
    Worst gift was a t-shirt with Mo (my sister got Curly and my brother in-law got Larry) from a friend who likes me the least I guess
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    Merry Snowy Christmas
    Love & Peace to the World

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    Quote Originally Posted by karanmi View Post
    I think the worse Christmas gift I ever recieved had to have been in 1978. I was going through a divorce at the time. My husband had left for another woman. Well this was the third time this had happened and each year it was just shortly before Christmas. I had decided that this was it when he left and filed for the divorce. So I had decided to go out to dinner with a family friend who had been divorced for a couple of years. Any ways my almost ex decided that he wanted me back and sent me flowers for Christmas. When I saw the florist standing there with this huge boquet I about fell over. She had no idea that I was getting a divorce. She was happy as a lark and handed me the flowers. When I asked who they were from and she told me I shoved them back at her and refused to take them. She was a family friend as her husband worked for my dad . I told her to take them home anad enjoy them for the holidays.

    I think the best gift I got would have to be that family friend I went out to dinner with. We have now been married 30 years and we have 21 grandkids and 2 great grandkids. As for material best gifts I would have to say the year I recieved my train and doll house. I had told my husband one time about always wanting a train but my parents said that trains were for little boys so I could not have one. I also had always wanted a big doll house but for some reason I never got one of those either. A few years after telling my husband about this on Christmas morning I unwrapped gifts and here was the train set I always wanted as a child. In another big box here was a huge 9 room victorian doll house kit which we built together. Just got to love that man.

    Wow, that is so sweet! I love those gifts. Very thoughtful and beautiful!

    My best gift: I was in the hospital 2 years ago and I had a blue teddy bear with me that my boyfriend gave me on one of our first dates(first present he ever gave me.) Unfortunately I lost it there. He tried to get a replacement one for me at the store, but they did not sell them anymore. I sort of forgot about it, till he gave me the package one Christmas morning. He searched the internet and found a bear just like the one I lost. It was the best present ever!

    Worst gift: An awful aubergine coloured purse. It was from someone who normally has good taste, but this was an exeption. Never used the thing.

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    love this tread it has been fun to read...

    best: my mum made me a beauty hamper full of make up and beauty had all my favourites in... it was just so thought ful i loved it.

    worst: a foot file... you know one of those things u get for getting hard skin off your feet funny thing is i get regular pedicures and really dont even use them...
    Steph xx
    So excited for christmas 2012

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