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Thread: Accidentally finding your Christmas presents

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow World View Post
    Oh, I see! Monica's cupboard is just like Fibber McGee's closet. LOL.

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    accidentally on purpose.
    I love Outdoor Christmas Lights!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by christmas_mama View Post

    "Hail him who saves you by his grace,
    and crown him Lord of all."

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    My brother and I would go snooping around trying to find our christmas presents, but by the time we actually found them we kind of didnt want to open them because it would ruin christmas!

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    I would always half snoop because my dad is the kind of person who starts shopping in September. And since my birthday is in November I would also be looking for my birthday presents.

    The only time I found them was in the fourth grade and the presents were in my parents' closet. Apparently that was the first year my dad hid the presents there; until then he had hidden them in the garage. I didn't go looking for them again after that because Christmas that year wasn't as fun since I knew what I was going to get. Even now my dad keeps the presents in the closet because it's the only time of year that he's careful with keeping their closet door closed.

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    frostythesnowman Guest
    well i did find my christmas presents one year by was "jimmy' electronic football game..i was soo over the moon i actually played with it before putting it back where i found it....but my mom found out about it because the instructions for the game was found in my bedroom when my mom was hoovering the room...ha! ha!..but it was fun at the time...

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    I have never found presents, never went to look for them as i love surprises

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