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Thread: What will be perfect?

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    :gift: What will be perfect?

    I wanna buy a christmas gift for a 12 years-old boy from since I have a coupon 5% off there, but I have no idea what will be suitable. The boy seems loving soccer, should I buy him a soccer ball or what else?
    Could anyone give me some suggestions?

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    talk to his parents or friends to see what he likes . they could tell you what he likes. I am having the same problem myself but I don't have the luxury of speaking with friends and his dad says he is into golf and tiger woods. but I can't find anything in my price range. that I think he will like.

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    I would talk to the parents also. Or get a gift certificate for them. Kids now days, love to go online and find stuff.

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    One thing I see on the site that would be great to go with the soccer ball is the cones. That way he can also make a little soccer field with goals at home or have the cones to use with his ball management My girls love to do that!

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    :tree: Thank you all!!!

    Thanks for all your replies with my coupon code on
    Coupon code: opentip120045, Exp 12/31/2008.
    Hope you like it!
    To Regina, it's a nice idea and I will consider it, thanks a lot!

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    Last year my son got a soccer ball and the goal from his Poppy. If he doesn't already have the goal, I highly recommend it. That way he doesn't get bored just kicking the ball around himself, he can actually have the challenge of getting it into the goal.

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    get him a foosball table. that would be a great gift for a 12 year old trust me. they have miny ones too that are alot cheaper.

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