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Thread: what gift for my mom?

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    what gift for my mom?

    Christmas Day is coming; I should send my mother some gift. She likes cooking and has lots of tricks. What gift should I buy? Some cook tops?

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    Good idea and good website. Thank you!

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    I have bought one there, so nice

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    What is Induction Cooker?
    * Induction Cooker works on Electro Magnetic Induction principle. It uses induction heating for cooking. A conducting pot is placed above an induction cooker for the heating process to take place.
    * Unlike the conventional heating, in Induction Heating, the stove does not get heated up. It merely generates energy. Ice cube can stay alongside boiling water on the stove.
    * YES. Only ferrous (magnetic) pots can be used with induction stove. Others will not get heated.
    * Another aspect of this is Instant and Precise control of heat.
    * Because of the fact that the heat is generating element is the POT and not the STOVE makes this considerably much more efficient than other methods of cooking.
    * Induction frequency of radiation equal to only one sixtieth of the phone, eco-friendly.

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    Handmade Soap & Shampoo Bar!

    You should suprise her with some wonderful handmade Huckleberry soaps, that she can bathe in.

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    Moms always love the luxury bath items! Mmmmmmm

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    Digital Photo Frame

    My Mother (and Grandmother) both loved thier digital photo frames last year. I did have to load up my Grandmother's with pictures before giving it to her, but we got into a rythm of me dropping off a new memory card full of pics to her, and her giving me the old one, then I swap the photos, and bring it back to her the next time I see her. First off great gift, but secondly, another reason to see Grandma, which she loves.

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    for my mom usually i buy a perfume cause she perfume maniac

    looking for mom's christmas gifts? Please visit us

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    I like the digital photo frame idea. I want one to store pictures of my fur babies in and one for my greats. I have seen keychain digital frames for under $20.00 but not the actual photo frames for that price. I have tons of pictures of Buddy Lee(second fur baby) but very little of Sassi Jean (first fur baby) because she runs when I pick up the camera. presentspresentspresentspresentspresentspresents
    Wishing you many hot cocoa mornings and firesky nights throughout the new year!

    (((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) Everybody Needs a Hug
    It changes your metabolism ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))!!!

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    what gift for my mom?

    I can give u an idea!i don't know will u take it or not?your gift may be a bobble head.i am sure that will be awesome..

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