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Thread: When did your parents stop taking you to see Santa?

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    When did your parents stop taking you to see Santa?

    How old were you the last time your parents ever took you to see Santa at the shopping mall? I know mine stopped taking me when I was in elementary school, but I can't remember for sure what grade I was in.

    Also, if you have children, do you take them to see Santa? If so, at what age will you stop taking them? My daughter will turn 2 this fall. She slept in Santa's arms at the mall in 2009, and she cried last year. We'll give it another try this year.

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    What precious memories you are having, Chazz!

    I can't remember ever going to see Santa as a child. Nor was I taught to believe in him. My single, working mom was not a Christmas fan.
    Joy to You!

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    My sister and I believed until we each turned seven. I was the older one and it killed me to have to fake it for her for a couple years. Because of this I went to visit Santa probably until I was 9! LOL - no malls near me when I was a kid, just shopping centers and "Main Street".
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    I'm not sure, but I was probably around 10 or so. Santa stopped coming to my house around then.

    I still love him, though!

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    this is not really tradition here, my mum told me that when I was about one year old she and dad took me to see Santa but this is not possible now, because as far as I know Santa is not coming to the mallI have to say that I actually believed in Santa untill I was around 12 years old.I remember that somehow I haven't cried because my mum never told me that Santa doesn't exist. I knew that he's not bringing me presents but my mum said that Santa live untill we believe in him. That's why I still believe
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    well i am the oldest of 3 and my youngest sister is 4 years younger.

    i remember i must have been about 10 and i didnt believe in father christmas anymore but she did and i have to go with my mum to take her to see him.....i just remember thinking at least i might get a good toy!!
    Steph xx
    So excited for christmas 2012

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