Here is one that I make every year for Christmas..enjoy.

Christmas Holly Wreath.

Melt 1 stuck of butter, add a bag of large Marshmallows, when melted add a couple spoons of Green food coloring (till you get the darkness you want). Stir in 4 -5 cups of corn flakes or frosted flakes. Put it in a butter-greased bundt-cake pan and pack it tight. Immediately turn it out onto a serving dish and decorate it with cinnamon red-hots and little silver candy balls. Work quick so they will stick to the mallow. After it sets, its ready. Makes a cool centerpiece if you are having a dinner. To serve just slice it. Tastes a lot like rice krispie treats.

Sometimes I don't use a bundt pan. I just quickly spoon out wads of it onto waxed paper and decorate them. Then they are in single serving size. I call these Mistletoe. Kids really like them and they look really pretty on a plate of mixed Christmas cookies because they are such a bright green.

You can also shape them into little wreaths ( again on waxed paper), these come out a little larger. I like to do this when I am prepareing a plate of mixed cookies to give as a gift. Makes a great topper.

My favorite because its so quick and easy to make and they look so different from the usual sweets, plus EVERYBODY seems to like the mallow treat taste. Kids get a kick out of getting a green tongue!