,we don't actually have any Christmas eve traditions. The day before Christmas eve is my twin daughters' birthday so we usually have a busy day onthe 23rd It'll be nice to relax and recover on Christmas eve. We'll probably watch Christmas films in the day, do some Christmas baking with the girls - mince pies and gingerbread cookies usually, then we take the girls for a walk, hope for snow and build a snowman if we get it, dash to the supermarket if we happen to have forgotten anything, and feed the girls early and put them to bed by 6.30. Before going to bed, we let the girls put out some of the mince pies and cookies for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer. While I tuck them in, I tell them to listen very carefully to hear the bells on Santa's sleigh and my husband sits outside their room and rings some jingle bells outside their window this always encourages them to go to sleep straight away in case Santa catches them awake hehe Once the kids arein bed, hubby and I mull some wine, and set to work wrapping gifts for the girls' stockings. Once all the wrapping is done, we enjoy a glass of mulled wine, cheese and crackers, and the mince pies and cookies that we baked earlier I lay the stockings on their beds and go to bed myself - usually too excited to sleep! Hoho!