I love finding out about how different nationalities spend Christmas and this forum is perfect for it!

In all honesty Christmas Eve in our house is traditionally chaotic. I tend to rush around like a mad woman in the morning collecting last minute groceries and dropping any remain gifts before preparing what I can for dinner the following day. We the try to take the kids for a LONG walk to tire them out and ensure they actually get some sleep!

We then like to attend the carol service at out local church. Its great for the kids they have puppets singing the songs and just so much fun.

Once we get back we eat out with friends - this is my opportunity to breath and relax. When we return home normally around 7pm we begin all the exciting stuff selecting Santa's treat and drink, the elves drop some new PJ's for the kids and we sprinkle reindeer food out the front.

the children go to bed and I end up speed wrapping what ever we have left to do before santa essembles his gifts resulting in the grown ups going to bed around 2pm! YAWN

This year I hope it will be different with a very relaxed Christmas Eve with perhaps a visit to the cinema in the morning rather that lots of errands! I am full of good intentions!

222 big sleeps to go