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Thread: How do you spend Christmas Eve?

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    How do you spend Christmas Eve?

    I love finding out about how different nationalities spend Christmas and this forum is perfect for it!

    In all honesty Christmas Eve in our house is traditionally chaotic. I tend to rush around like a mad woman in the morning collecting last minute groceries and dropping any remain gifts before preparing what I can for dinner the following day. We the try to take the kids for a LONG walk to tire them out and ensure they actually get some sleep!

    We then like to attend the carol service at out local church. Its great for the kids they have puppets singing the songs and just so much fun.

    Once we get back we eat out with friends - this is my opportunity to breath and relax. When we return home normally around 7pm we begin all the exciting stuff selecting Santa's treat and drink, the elves drop some new PJ's for the kids and we sprinkle reindeer food out the front.

    the children go to bed and I end up speed wrapping what ever we have left to do before santa essembles his gifts resulting in the grown ups going to bed around 2pm! YAWN

    This year I hope it will be different with a very relaxed Christmas Eve with perhaps a visit to the cinema in the morning rather that lots of errands! I am full of good intentions!

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    I generally have a crowd for Christmas Eve buffet dinner- my husband's family- so I spend the day cooking. I usually rush to the seafood store first thing in the morning to pick up fresh shrimp and scallops. If I've forgotten anything, I stop for that as well. Once home, I pop in a Christmas cd and start cooking - shrimp cocktail, bacon wrapped scallops, chicken marsala, stuffed shells, sausage and peppers, clams casino, rice, antipasto salad and crab cakes. We go to mass at 5pm, then come home and serve the buffet dinner around 7 or 8pm. My kids are 26 and 17, so Santa doesn't get treats at our house any more - I miss that! Enjoy relaxing and chatting with the family until late
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    Both of your Christmas Eves sound just perfect!

    I turn into Elf-zilla the morning of Christmas Eve, tearing about last-minute shopping and wrapping. DH cooks for the crowd that will gather at the home of his monster-in-law. By late afternoon, any minor disagreements will have escalated into arguments as we rush to load the car and schlep all the food and gifts to mums house. We setup the tables, finish preparing the food and drinks, smile for the crowd, ignore each other and spend the evening serving guests and opening presents.

    After clean-up we escape home to a quiet bowl of crockpot potato soup (my favorite moment of the day) before heading to a peaceful midnight mass. After such a long day, my DH becomes a cheery Santa and delights in opening a few gifts before going to bed.
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    On Christmas Eve, we usually take a trip to the grocery store for any last minute food or gifts. We have a pretty relaxed day before we head out to the Christmas Eve Service at our church. Once we are done with that, we drive around a small neighborhood completely covered in luminaries & another where everyone on the whole block goes all out with decorations! we head to a family friends house since neither of our families get together on Christmas eve and we have a wonderful supper there then open presents together. After that we head home, open our christmas PJ's and head to bed! I love Christmas Eve almost as much as i love christmas day!

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    :santa: Christmas Eve

    It sounds kinda strange but my wife takes our boys to het Aunts house, I'm always invited..But dont go, I stay home by myself and listen to my Favorite Christmas Cd, Have a few rum and cokes, wrap any gifts I forgot about, and just think about how lucky I am. to have what I am blessed with and be where I am.

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    24th of December is my Grandma's birthday - so we usually go there, order a pizza, and take it easy. Might have to skip that this year if I have to work.

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    Christmas Eve has always been my favorite part of the holiday. From traditions passed down in my family to this year.

    This year we will be at our home for the first time. Our daughter is 15 months old and we will be starting our traditions as a family. We used to go to my parent's home but this year they are coming up for Christmas Day.

    My wife is cooking a large pork shoulder dinner(Spanish style), complete with a variety of sides (macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, other veggies etc. Dessert TBA, but decadent. (My father is bringing his desserts up on Christams Day)

    Back to Christmas Eve. We will go to the Children's Mass at 5, drive and look at some lights and go home so we can enjoy the feast. Afterwards, play with our daughter, maybe show her The Grinch or Dora (her favorite), put her to bed and then my wife and I will relax by the fireplace and tree lights with some wine and movies.

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    with my gf, of course. wonderful night. lol

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    church, dinner, etc.
    I love Outdoor Christmas Lights!!

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    Christmas Eve is a special day fro me,as it is my birthday,i hope i can spend this day with my parents,but actually i didn't,because i work far away from home.i spend CHRISTMAS EVE with my friends

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