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Thread: Ideas for Christmas gifts

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    I've been using a lot recently - I won a giftcard for that site and have been using it to shop some nice bits for my parents and family - they've got curated collections in art, clothing, ceramics and homeware - truly a unique and distinct site. I'll post a couple links below if anyone's interested - their customer service is excellent!

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    I'm giving all family members an Amazon Echo Dot

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    I found great idea for christmas gift. It's engraved rolling pins. You can buy it on etsy, or for example on . Price is arround 25$ +shippment.

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    I just saw that! And I think that's what I'll get my little nieces- a rolling pin with cat figures on it (they love cats) and food decorator pens. They're little artists.
    The holly's up, the house is all bright, The tree is ready, the candles alight; Rejoice and be glad, all children tonight.

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    Printideas is one the best shop for ideas for personalized gifts.

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    Merry Christmas Gift Ideas

    Hi I am running a small NGO for poor small kids which cant afford to go to school.. so I want everyone to suggest me a very affordable Merry Christmas Gift Ideas so that I can make my student very happy !

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    :gift: Personalised photo engraved gift


    I been looking for a while for personalised gifts for my mum from my daughter and absolutely love the idea of photo engraved key rings as it added a personal touch to it. I managed to get my daughter hand and footprint engraved onto a keyring with a photo on the back of her holding my little daughter. The place I got it from was They holding a giveaway right now but I don't know if it's in time for Christmas.

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    I designed a funny greeting Video with Photos of my friends
    Just for 5 USD !!!

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