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Thread: Ideas for Christmas gifts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jess Harte View Post
    I guess it depends on the age, really. I always loved Monopoly and Scrabble. My niece is constantly playing Connect 4 - that's another classic.
    Hello Jess and welcome!
    Hope you enjoy your time and have many happy holidays here with us!

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    I will give my mom a sattelite radio,coz my mom is
    a radio enthusiast and would love it for sure.
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    :santa: Anymore ideas for my 2 year old son?

    Im helping lil ethan to build his first wish list. So far Ive got a few. Anymore ideas other than toys and wearables? Got him his first tricycle on his second birthday. Quite recent. Perhaps something more educational? He tore up all the books Ive bought him all this while. So books are not so good at the moment. Any ideas? Thanks and happy christmas.
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    i rate these games...jenga, frustration, guess who, monopoly, scrabble.hth.l.x

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    Ideas for Christmas gifts

    I have an idea for this Christmas gifts that is DVDs, music CDs, music accessories, audio books and musical instruments would be perfect Christmas gifts for music lovers.
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    Re :Ideas for Christmas gifts

    Hi Granny
    I think you are looking for a good Christmas gifts ( and ideas related kids gifts so I'm want to suggest they go thought the link which takes you to complete world of Christmas gifts for men, women, kids and for all age people even I have gone through it and it's amazing site to shopping for Christmas.

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    jenny66 Guest

    delta force

    well i am not playing games yet..i played a lot in my childhood...but my kids are playing delta force and amercian air force nowadays...but if you asking for a gift..then i am going to give gift of pet portraits ( to my kids..because they like pets a lot...but unfortunatly they have alrgic probel from pets...thats why i buy this is as a gift and found collection there i am sharing it with you

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    Cashflow for Kids! Teach them how to invest while they're young!

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    The new guess who game

    I just bought the new guess who game for a family member

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    You can also get Trivial Pursuit for kids. A great way of making them like learning stuff.

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