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Thread: Christmas in french

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    Post Christmas in french

    some vocabulary in french :
    Merry Christmas = Joyeux NoŽl
    Happy new year = bonne annťe
    Santa Claus or Father Christmas = PŤre NoŽl
    Xmas tree = Sapin ( de NoŽl )
    Christmas dinner = rťveillon (in the evening on december 24th)
    gifts = cadeaux
    wishes = souhaits
    Xmas carols = chants de NoŽl
    White Xmas = NoŽl blanc
    ....ask if you want some more

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    Nice, here are some in danish

    Merry Christmas = Glśdelig jul
    Happy new year = Godt nytŚr
    Santa Claus or Father Christmas = Julemanden
    Xmas tree = Juletrś
    Christmas dinner = Julefrokost
    gifts = gaver
    wishes = Ýnsker
    Xmas carols = julesange
    White Xmas = Hvid jul

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    !ABI Guest
    who has a little ball ???

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    Thanks for sharing some of your vocabulary with us. It is interesting to learn of other cultures.

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    Letters From Santa

    I found a web site that lets your kids get a personalized letter from santa. It is You give them a little info about your children, like their age, their favorite color, what they want for Christmas, etc. then they will receive a hand written letter from Santa post marked the north pole addressed to them. My kids loved it. The man who does this takes orders in English only to help his shopping cart tech, but the letters will be translated into any language. I think this is the neatest thing.

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    Catherine Guest
    then, how about happy new year?

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    Happy New Year = Bonne Nouvelle Annťe
    Christmas Eve = Veille de Noel
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year directly from Quebec!!!

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    French is such a beautiful language. It just rolls of your tongue(or you get tongue-tied, like me)

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    Thanks for these expressions in French, they sound lovely.

    My Christmas Blogs:
    - My most popular Christmas blog: KrisKringleForSingles dot blogspot dot com
    HolidaySingleGirldot blogspot dot com
    SilverandGoldChristmas dot blogspot dot com

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    Tomorrow, I'll read to some of my pupils the translation into french of "the night before christmas" by Clement Moore. In french it 's "La nuit avant NoŽl".
    I'll explain them the origins of Santa Claus (Le PŤre NoŽl)
    Merry Christmas and happy New Year from France

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