Well, it seems the decorations are starting to come down and Christmas 2010 is now little more than a memory. So I thought I would start a thread where we can all share our memories of last Christmas and keep them alive. What did you do over the Xmas holidays? Were you surprised by anything you received? What did you eat?

I live on the west side of Canada and have to travel east with my wife for Christmas every year to visit family. I spent Xmas morning with my in-laws, visited my great-grandmother (she's 101!) in the afternoon, and spent the evening at my mother's. We had a big turkey lunch (I had a drumstick!) with purple cabbage, potatoes, stuffing, and lots of other goodies. I got lots of great presents, and I like to think I gave as many! Boxing Day, we visited my father and opened presents there that evening after a big dinner with his side of the family.

All-in-all, a great Xmas. Looking forward to next Xmas already, when my wife and I will have a new baby to celebrate it with!