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Thread: How do I decorate an orange room?

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    Question How do I decorate an orange room?

    About two years ago I went ahead and painted two of my bedroom walls orange. It's a light pumpkin orange. When I decided to do it I didn't think about the fact that the only holiday it goes well with is Halloween and possibly Thanksgiving.

    I really want to decorate my room for Christmas but Orange isn't traditionally a Christmas color. What can I do to make my room a tad bit more Christmasy?

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    A white tree with colorful ornaments that have touches of orange
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    All I can think of is a glass bowl of Christmas oranges on your dresser. I'll keep thinking.

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    How about greens, copper, cream and golds - Michaels has some absolutely beautiful poinsettias in those colors as I am sure other stores do - infact I got a garland from Family Dollar just the other day that would be beautiful in a room with orange walls - a wreath for the wall and then a clear dish with balls in those colors would be very pretty. I would stay away from the traditional Christmas red and green - hope this helps .....

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    Agreed that Gold would go great with Orange, here are a few humble suggestions from me.

    White Pointsettas:

    Gold Wreaths:

    Gold Garlands:

    Let us know what you come up with!

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    I also have orange walls. EVery decoration looks great.
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    If it's a Christmas decoration, it'll go with anything!!

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    I have orange and teal in my living room so that is what I used for a few years. Last year I used many different colors along with orange.

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    I think baubles and copper tones would go well. Have one 'feature object' on the wall that is large and striking.

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    I think evergreens and gold ornaments and ribbon would look good. Also, there are lots of shiny brown ornaments now. If you don't want it to be so elegant, use a woodland theme with lots of real or fake pinecones, walnuts, deer or moose, etc.

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