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Thread: What do you do for Christmas dinner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas_mama View Post
    How can you eat that much in one day?! I think I'd be sick!
    Yeap we end up really full, lunch is usually served around 1 or 2 after the nibblies then we usually eat and talk till about 4. Then me and hubby are so full we usually take a nap on the couch or go upstairs to take a nap in bed with the air con blasting because it is usually stinking hot.

    Thats not usually the end of it. We end up heading to my Aunts place to see my mums side of the family for dinner most years around 6pm. Our background is Indian so we have massive curries, rice,potatoes roti, lamb kofta's, tandoori chicken, salad, potato bake, pasta salad, chip and cheese platters. Then for dessert we always have heaps of cakes as my sister works for a bakery distributor so we get cheesecake, mud cake, pavlova, trifle, fruit salad ice cream and wash it down with massive amounts of alcohol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas_mama View Post
    Wow, I can't imagine not having a roast, and especially can't imagine having pasta, on Christmas day haha But then, we don't have Thanksgiving here so it's not like we've just had a big roast.
    Same here .... can't imagine not having a roast turkey for Christmas dinner .... it's just traditional for us

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    Roast beef, baked potatoes, salad, veggies, rolls, fruitcake and cookies
    I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

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    frostythesnowman Guest
    roast turkey,roast beef,pigs in blankets,stuffing,carrots,swede,roast potatoes,boiled potatoes....

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    Turkey, stuffing, cabbage, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, carrots, pigs in blanket

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