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Thread: What do you do for Christmas dinner?

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    What do you do for Christmas dinner?

    We're vegetarians here so our roast may seem a little dull to some. We have a quorne roast (a meat substitute, comes in a roll to roast and then slice - tastes nicer than it sounds!), roasted veggie sausages wrapped in veggie bacon, roasted vegetables including carrots, parsnips and onion and roast poatoes. We also have boiled / steamed veg including peas, cabbage and brussel sprouts. On the side near the roast we have hubby's sage, onion and apple mix which is just TO. DIE. FOR. delicious! And of course the yorkshire puds on the side!!

    We always have a christmas cracker to pull at the table and a glass of red wine :-) and eat the meal with our Christmas hats on! Hehe

    My mouth is watering just thinking of it!

    And here it is, our vegetarian roast Christmas dinner! :D

    What about you? What do you do for your Christmas day meal? Don't worry, I won't be offended by meat-eaters!
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