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Thread: Help me find a good gift for my dad? Please

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    I gave my boyfriend for last christmas a beer brewing starter set. It's not very expensive, and everything is in it to keep him for some weeks satisfied. It was a very succesful present!

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    :gift: Power Tools?

    If he's into DIY, he may be interested in some power tools. Bosch make a DIY range that use the "Skil" Brand. It's very good - Bosch quality without the price tag.
    Some the the cheapest I have found are at

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    Gift cards are good idea or an that is one gadget he will love and it will keep him busy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brokendreams4905 View Post
    Every year I have a lot of trouble buying christmas presents for my father. He likes what I get him but he hardly uses the things.

    I got him some movies he loved and he still hasn't watched any. I got him computer games, which he used and there aren't any games he is into right now.
    He has plenty of tools.

    I have absolutely no clue what to get him. I ask him what he wants and he says he doesn't know or that he doesn't want anything.

    Please can you guys give me some gift ideas? Thanks
    Does your father like writing? If so, you could get him a fountain pen.

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    I second the fountain pen! I'd wanted a Waterman pen for years but felt it was too self-indulgent to buy one for myself, so my wife surprised me with one at Christmas a few years ago and over the years she's bought me some more for my collection. I love them all and I think they're a great gift. has some great gifts like pens, book covers, wallets, and other reading and writing related gifts. That's where my wife got most of my pens.

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    DVDs? My dad likes them...

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    A few weeks ago I had no clue what to buy for my dad. He is 50 as yours and doesnít have a real hobby. He likes to read sometimes and travel a bit. And not so far I was lucky to find 2 Christmas gifts. But I havenít decided yet which one to buy (either a personalised gift book full of quotes about Dads or a leather travel journal which will make his travelling more convenient). Brokendreams4905, you can also advise your father to start travelling by giving him this leather travel journal.

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    If your father likes fruit there are several websites out there that will send a fruit basket to your dad every month with different varites of fruit. Great healthy gift that give all year long
    For the Birds

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    Bottom line...speaking AS a father, my children could give me ANY gift, and I would be thankful. What's most important to me is NEVER the gift, but the love that goes along with it. Being together as a family at the holidays. THAT'S priceless.

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    I used to be like you - got him things I thought he would like, but he never actually used!

    In the last few years, I've gotten him gift cards to restaurants he likes - like Starbucks and Subway. I know that sounds lame, but he is always very practical, so he appreciated the gift in that he didn't have to pay for a place he regularly frequented.
    I also got him a waterpick last year (it's like flossing your teeth - but with a sharp stream of water) and he really liked that!
    Dad always likes practical gifts! I don't know if your dad is the same, but maybe you should try that this year!

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