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Thread: Trick or Treat

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    Trick or Treat

    our city had trick or treats tonight, we had about 50 kids. my honey likes to dress up as a witch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elf_Erv View Post
    our city had trick or treats tonight, we had about 50 kids. my honey likes to dress up as a witch

    Wow, nice picture Elf_Erv..

    We don't have many people that do their gardens like you do..brilliant..

    or dress up either..
    Merry Christmas to all...

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    It is funny how Halloween has evolved into a big holiday! When I was a young child, only kids 12 and under dressed up and went trick or treating. There were very few decorations, adult parties or costumes. When I went to college, we all dressed up and partied for Halloween. Now, people go crazy with their decorations! Many have living scary scenes that they act out for the trick or treaters (who are now up to 18 years old) Many adults have parties and costumes. It has really changed!
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    i have a mask for halloween, and that is it

    i dont dress up unless i am in my santa costume at christmas

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    You can were santa costume on halloween

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    Oh! I like the witch costume too, I'm so excited to dress like witch,, hihihih

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    In my town...this is something i never knew about untill last year that in downtown there's a trick or treat for the smaller kids a few day before halloween..Im hoping this year that my daughter will be able to join them along with going out with her parents on halloween

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