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Thread: Your Decorations

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    Popcorn Strings

    I'm going to be posting pictures soon of my tree this year, but one decoration I am absolutely in LOVE with is this Original Popcorn On A String that I found online last season. It brings out this old-fashioned/traditional feeling and it looks great! It's wax-coated so it stays preserved, and they are the biggest kernels of popcorn I've ever seen! I'm never stringing popcorn again!!! They have original plain garland and then also Jingle Berry which looks cute but I didn't buy those (YET)

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    jeremy m Guest
    mine is vintage/new

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    I like stuff that reminds me of my childhood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MinnesotaMike View Post
    I like stuff that reminds me of my childhood.
    Me too, Mike. I wish I could find any that are like my old favorites from my childhood, but they are not made anymore. I don't know how accurate this is, but my mother says they were made in Germany many years ago and that the artisans who made them were exterminated during WWII. They were one of the few things I really wanted my mother to pass down to me. She doesn't have them any more, either, because after she moved 20-some years ago, she packed them away for storage in a barn and they were stolen. I have looked many times on ebay for any of them. I have found some very beautiful ornaments and decorations over the past few decades that I enjoy very much, of course, but I would so love to see those old ornaments again.

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