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Thread: how many of you have started shopping?

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    :tree: how many of you have started shopping?

    I have boughten for 14 people so far and I am also making tissue holders out of plastic canvas for the ladies. So far I have 3 made and only a couple more to go!

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    My wife and I bought a few things for people suring the after Christmas sales, so we have a nice start on this year's Christmas.

    By the way, welcome to the boards onemagicalchristmas! I'm an NC-native too!
    Bob, Forum Moderator

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    I sure have started. With 18 Grandkids I have to shop all year around. And I have several homemade items already done up.

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    For now im just asking people what they want.They thinkm im crazy but i dont care.

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    geoff_grove2001 Guest

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    We keep an eye out all year so I guess we never stop. but we don't shop much either. We like to be done on or before Thanksgiving so that any and all time we're off, we're spending that with family instead of all the folks we see on the news being miserable and frantically running around. We may go to an art show or something but we don't step foot one into malls and such during the holidays.

    We also used to go to after-christmas sales. If you waited long enough, it was a steep discount. These days the first few markdowns see most of it sold and it isn't as much of a draw for us.

    Add to that, we always had an interest in handmade and cottage industry stuff before, but a few sites have made it more of a goal for us:

    and a little bit of ebay, but a LOT of personal artists websites and forums online.

    We figured we can support corporate mass-produced overseas mess, or we can support people making a living, spending money where it does the most good for a mess of an economy. It wasn't a hard choice. dedicated to growing, education, and use of Diospyros virginiana L., the common, or American persimmon...and persimmon pudding is ALWAYS a holiday favorite!!!

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    I have already started looking. I do want to make some homemade gifts this year. I need to set my budget for gifts then I will know how much I can spend on each person.
    Have a wonderful day!

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    We do a 'secret Santa' every year - draw names and buy 1 gift for 1 person with like a $40 limit. Works out well because between marriages and kids we'd have to buy for like 20 people or more each year - ack! My wife and I will spoil each other and then just do the SS shopping too - works out great! Our biggest expense now are Christmas Cards. - Watch Christmas clips, movies, commercials, cartoons and more, online all year long!

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    i got something for my son already and as our daughter will have just turned one we are cleaning up and wrapping some of the toys we got my son for his first crimbo, (he was abou tto turn one) he ignored the presents totally so we figure what with her birthday at the beginning of december and her being so young we will reuse and save the pennies as we will be moving house soon after (if not moved by then).

    once the kids are back at school in september my sis and i go off on present hunt.

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    Got one present and a part of one present so far. Usually I wait until December to start shopping because I actually like the hustle and bustle and find it quite fun to shop for Christmas at Christmas time. I guess it's part of what I like about Christmas.
    ~ McDLT ~

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