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Thread: Tinsel - Love it or Hate it?

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    My mom use to use it on our trees growing up as it was pretty even though it would cling to your clothes if you got to close and it was a little messy cleaning up as i know have my own home and with my pugs i can't use it.It is pretty on trees as long as it's not clumped.

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    I Love it! i think its beautiful...However cleaning up after my cat munching on it...Is not so beautiful..if you catch my drift

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    Personally, I hate the stuff, funny really as my best Christmas memories are those as a child at home...with the tinsel covered tree!

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    I love tinsel, it's like christmas tree picks, it just adds some sparkle to the tree

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    Well, I liked it alot when I was a kid, I looked forward to tossing it on the tree but always got yelled by my sisters for my lack of finesse...must have thought more was better.

    However, when we had our first tree, our cat used to pull it off. So after spending alot of time on the floor removing it from the vaccuum cleaner, we switched to garland and/or beads.

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