I got a good idea with Christmas presents, in eastern style!!

1.Translate your or other’s name into different styles of Chinese characters and put them on whatever you want! Signatures, T-shirts, Crafts, Cups, anywhere…
search for "chinese ink design" and you will find Chinese Symbol and Calligraphy for Tattoo -This website can help you change your names (or any words you like) into different styles of Chinese character!! This site does not allow copying contents, so after you got what you want on your monitor, Print Screen!! and you can use the Chinese pattern anyway you want FOR FREE by copying them!

2.They also have ample selection for exquisite Chinese gift, arts crafts, decorations and accessories in their shop.

With this idea, you can do gifting or sign your gifts in an eastern style!!

Chinese new year is also coming, I think I will do my present for my Asian friends in this way too!

Hope this help!