On Christmas eve we're having people over. The entire party will contain 8 people. Since I will be busy on the 24th in the day and I want to entertain my guests when they arrive I am searching for a main course(going to do 4 courses) that I can prepare in advance that will still taste good. I do have some difficulties:

- I don't want to do a filled turkey or chicken, because I am a vegetarian myself and don't like to look at people eating meat that has shape or bones. Other meat(I will make a vega version of the dish for myself) is fine.
- I have an oven, but it is not huge.
- I only have 4 pits on my stove
- It does not have to be traditional Christmassy, but I would like it if it is a recipe that is a bit special.

I am a reasonable cook, so it is no problem if it is a bit difficult.