Hi there,
Maybe if your grandmother really isn't interested in Reading per say you could find an interesting book with more photos rather than any stories. My Grandmother was the same..but we found some interesting books for her one year..like one of the Queen/Royal family, paintings...or Art books. She may not want to read but she might be interested enough to look at the pictures. Maybe you could find some pertaining to her era and youth..things they did in her time. Another thing I was thinking about is finding her a friend to chat with once a week...they have people at seniors centers who will come and visit older people...many are in the same age group but more mobile than others. They will come and talk about the old times and even if they balk at the ideas first...they really just want company. You could get her an in home Hairdo...as well the senior center should have a person who will go to her house and do her hair for her. It is very easy for the elderly to get into a rut like the rest of us..and now that she isn't mobile anymore she may be feeling defeated...she needs a boost. Another thing could be one of those digital picture frames..you could load it up with favorite photos and she might enjoy switching from picture to picture. Well these are just a few thoughts...hope they might help you out. All the best!! Your a good grandchild no matter what you give her...just because you love her enough to care!!!!