I do have a European style blown glass Mickey ornament, but I have so many Christmas ornaments, they don't all make it on the tree every year. I also have a really cute tea light holder I got when I was at Disneyland a couple of years ago. It has old fashioned Mickey, Minnie and Pluto on it. The fourth panel says "Mickey and Minnie's tree farm. I also picked up a set of salt and pepper shakers at Disneyland. It is Minnie and Mickey dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus. When I make a Christmas dinner, they go on the table. One year the Disney store had a buy one get one free special on Christmas plush. I bought a Mickey and Minnie dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and Pluto dressed like a reindeer. ( There was also a Winnie the pooh, but he didn't match, so I gave him away as a gift) Last year I found Chip and Dale with Santa hats, so they join Mickey, Minnie and Pluto on a display on top of a trunk. It looks really cute.
I was supposed to go viset my brother in Japan this Christmas, and was going to go to Disney Sea. I'm sure I would have found some cool stuff. I had to cancel the trip, because my job was a government contract, and my company lost the contract. We all had to reapply for our jobs. I wasn't sure if I would still be employed, plus I no longer have enough vaction time built up, so the trip has been delayed.

Where can I find the Charlie Brown Nativity? I would love to have one. How pricey is it?