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Thread: Christmas Party Potluck Planning

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    Christmas Party Potluck Planning

    This year I am going to try to save some money, time and stress by throwing a Christmas Potluck Party. I think so far everyone seems very agreeable, and my family and friends are going to bring their own specialty dishes. I found some great forms on to invite my family and friends and even help me plan the menu. So far things are going well and I have had lots of rsvp's and I can even see what everyone is bringing online. I like that because then I know if I have too much of something or not enough of another. I have asked that if someone brings something super special that they provide the recipe. I'm excited about this type of party. So far it seems well planned and organized.

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    Sounds like lots of fun (and very delicious). Will this party be on Christmas Day or at some other time during the season?

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