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Thread: New christmas song

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    New christmas song

    Hi Everybody.... i have written a christmas song and just thought somebody on here might listen to it.... apologies if this breaches regulations, i can't put a link on here, but if have a look at for Pete Russell - This time of year

    Thanks for listening if you do....and merry christmas even if you don't

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    First, welcome to allthingsChristmas, Pete. I listened to one called 'Just remember it's Christmas" or something like that. Is that the right one? It was excellent! Very thought provoking. It reminds us that Christmas time is a very lonely time for a lot of people. I also loved the video. Thanks for sharing! And if this wasn't the right song/video, please let me know. I just reread your post and saw that the song is "This time of year" so yes, I did get the right one. And again, it is awesome. And for anyone who I may have confused, both lines are used in the song.
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    Thanks steph..... glad you liked it....that was the right one
    thanks again

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    Hey Pete, good work my man .. its kinda like if Shane McGowan wrote a Christmas Song for Bono to sing. You have a good voice though man, good luck in future endeavors.

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    Dear Fezziwig....thank you for your kind words...i'm glad you like it
    Merry Christmas

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    Hi Pete

    I think relevant links can be okay in the right thread if they are not only commercial:

    So this is your song?

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    Hi just listened to it and I thought it was great...

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    I just watched it. It's very touching and speaks to this time of year, recession and all, when so many people have lost so much. It also speaks to single folks as well. I'm going to put it on my blog,

    Happy Holidays and good luck with it!

    My Christmas Blogs:
    - My most popular Christmas blog: KrisKringleForSingles dot blogspot dot com
    HolidaySingleGirldot blogspot dot com
    SilverandGoldChristmas dot blogspot dot com

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    Great job, very touching song...
    Keep up good work

    Christmas Joy Radio -

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    Aoplogies, i havn't been on for a while.... Thank you so much for placing my song on your blog.... i' m so pleased you liked it that much....
    God bless and have a Merry Christmas

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