Hello everyone I spoke with Bob and got the thumbs up to create a thread on the mayhem that takes place every year just after Halloween up here in southern Ontario, Canada

When I was a little boy I used to have dreams of a crystal tree, tall and slim, full of thousands of lights and ornaments. I was always a kid with his head in the clouds and Christmas became such a magical time of the year for me.

My tree started off as a 4ft white tree. It then became a 6 foot tree followed by the tree that I am using right now a slim 8 foot Torre fur ( I think that was the name of it ) and there is a new tree coming in 2010 -2011.

This is my second Christmas here and it is so nice to meet all the wonderful folks from all over the planet that have a love for Christmas.

I hope that you enjoy the pictures that I will be posting in the coming days and weeks