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Thread: Favorite Thanksgiving food!

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    :gingerbread: Favorite Thanksgiving food!

    What is your favorite Thanksgiving main dish?

    Also, favorite dessert?

    For me it's Turkey breast and Pumpkin Roll.

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    1. Turkey
    2. Pumpkin anything
    3. Deviled Eggs
    4. Mashed Taters with mushroom gravy
    5. sweet potatoes casserole.
    6. stuffing

    Just about anything i can eat i like......
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    My favorite is deviled eggs,sweet potatoes,and cranberry sauce but,i love everything really as i love holiday foods and i also bake so i'm always into something,it surprises people i only weigh 118 and i love to eat those holiday dinners and goodies.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I also love the smell of Thanksgiving foods cooking. It's a wonderful family time together and I feel the Thanksgiving holiday is a very important day and not for the food, it's a time of Thanksgiving and a time for family.

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    I love all of it. we have turkey (I like both, but I am a dark meat fan), stuffing, (I like to add sausage, celery, dried cherries) real mashed potatoes, gravy, jellied cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes (sometimes add just salt and butter, sometimes a little brown sugar, too) broccoli, brussel sprouts, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, sometimes apple pie, too. I might have forgotten something. The best part is the leftovers; getting to eat this meal for at least a few more dinners, YUM!!! oh, and I forgot, we also have green bean casserole. It's my favorite meal of the year.

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    My all time favorite is pumpkin pie. I also love turkey breast, cranberry/orange relish and spiced fruit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noelglori View Post
    I also love the smell of Thanksgiving foods cooking., too! We have to make a smaller turkey the night before, because we need the juices for all the extra gravy we need. I love the night before Thanksgiving with the cooking smells and the anticipation!
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    Stuffing is definetly my favorite food on Thanksgiving and for after it's Milk Dud Dessert, Yummy!!

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    1. Stuffing
    2 Sweet Potato Cassarole
    3. Pearl Onions

    1.Pumpkin Pie
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    turkey, stuffing, gingerbread, pumpkin pie
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