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Thread: Christmas dinner for a small family.

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    well, I belong to a small family.. All my mom does is cook more variety but of less amount...
    in other words, many kinds of food but of small amounts.. It is just always enough for us. If their maybe some left, some of my relatives bring them home...
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    Deciding which family to spend Christmas with is a problem for everyone. So, when I got married 30 years ago, we established the tradition of alternating years. One year with my family, the next with his. It has worked out perfectly. My husband and I are both the oldest children in our families, so all of our siblings followed suit and got on a coordinating schedule. Just make sure that the family not visited has somewhere to be that day! You could also invite both families to come to your house!

    As far as your menu, eat whatever you want just make it small. Seafood, roast beef, and ham are good options.

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    One of my girlfriend's is having the same problem so what what her and her husband have done this year is to make reservation at the resturant of one of our city's best hotels. Neither one of them even knows how to start cooking a turkey and when you factor in all the other costs of making such a huge meal, they found that it's only a little bit more for the restuarant. Plus no prep and no clean up. I almost wish I could ditch my family and go with them lol

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    I'd make whatever your favorite meal is. You could always scale back on the amount you cook.

    We usually have a small Rib Roast and with the leftovers, I'll make Shepards Pie, one of our favorites!

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    Cera hasn't come back to this thread.

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    I have hosted some smaller holiday celebrations and my rule of thumb is to choose 1 protein, veggie, potato and desert to make. That way you're not over doing anything and you'll have some leftovers.

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