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Thread: Christmas Breakfast

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    Christmas Breakfast

    I said to my family that I'd do the christmas breakfast as part of my contribution to the cost of it all, but I don't know what to do thats different to what we'd normally have.
    We normally have croissants & pain au chocolate. But thats become expected and a bit samey.
    I don't want to have cereal or toast because its a bit plain.
    I thought about having lots of different things on separate plates so my family can pick and choose what they want and so far I've thought of one plate - a selection of muffins (chocolate chip, blueberry, cherry etc) - but thats all!
    Can anyone suggest anything else I could serve up?


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    I personally love the idea of giving people choices. You could think of:

    - Yoghurt with fresh fruit(strawberries or something)
    - Maybe a luxurious sort of coffee/thee
    - boiled eggs /scrambled eggs
    - A few differents sorts of bread.

    If you like to bake:
    You could try this It is traditional to eat this here with Christmas Breakfast and quite delicious.

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    you can have a couple choices of meats like bacon, sausage and ham. and maybe a fruit salad. just some thoughts. I am going to make omelets and ham for our christmas breakfast.
    Wishing you many hot cocoa mornings and firesky nights throughout the new year!

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    Of course, I never even thought about drink, the luxury tea and coffee idea is great!
    Perhaps I'll also get some orange juice & champagne
    Something else I've come up with since is scones with cream and a selection of jams.
    Its going to be great!!
    Anymore ideas, I want the table to be crammed full with food!
    Also, I was thinking of doing personalized crackers or perhaps a gift bag each.
    I've started getting little presents to put in them alongside a paper hat and joke, but wanted to know what else I could put in them to help fill them out a bit.
    Any ideas?

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    Well you want to try something that would blow them away. In the southern states we make a thing call red eye gravy. Make that and have some ham and your on fire with a good ole fashion southern meal and we will have this on Christmas nowadays due to the amount of salt and the fact it really not best food for you..

    Red EYE gravy
    Now wait a minute, Susie. Just because every child can't get his wish that doesn't mean there isn't a Santa Claus.

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    I sometimes do Irish oatmeal served with a warm banana and cinnamon compote. This is especially lovely as it can be done a day ahead and reheated then kept warm in a steamer tray on Christmas morning.

    You can also use that steamer tray to serve scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, as well as waffles and pancakes (which can both be made ahead of time, as well.) I love ham at breakfast, too!

    There's always an egg/cheese/sausage casserole. My mom has made this before - prepare it the night before and bake it in the morning.

    Keep in mind the things that make serving up breakfast for the masses a streamlined process:

    *Several large dispensing insulated thermos' for hot coffee and water for tea.
    *Carafes for milk and juice.
    *Steamer trays - food needs to stay hot if served buffet style. Crock pots can work, as well.
    *A container large enough to hold ice and bowls filled with cut fruit and yoghurt.

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    Personally i love the old traditional! eggs, bacon tomatoes and toast (english breakie!) with a steaming mug of tea!
    Merry Christmas!

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    Give them "CAKE" and let them eat it too!!

    Maybe Ice Cream too. Put a Quilt on the rug by the fire and call every one down for a Christmas Birthday Cake Picnic. Make sure every one gets a small gift. Have noise makers, hats, balloons, etc. Plenty of candles and a drawing to see who can blow out the candles. Then go outside in your pajamas and do fireworks and wake the whole neighbor hood. You could take left over cake to the neighbors.

    Make sure everyone knows that this means they have to eat a GOOD lunch [to counteract the sugar]

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    I personally remember my mom's biscuits and homemade chocolate gravy. I would eat it until it made me sick! I miss that. Oh sister?!? Where is mom's recipe?

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    my mum did a nice breakfast for my graduation (she called it a champagne breakfast!) and she did smoked salmon, fruits (toasted grapefruit is my fave), english breakfast (never fails to please me), we have a waffle maker so she made them or you could make pancakes, and we had champagne and smoothie to drink.

    i've asked her for christmassy ideas and she said christmassy muffins with cinnamon and nutmeg in them, or you could make ham and eggs. but what would make it really special would be how you decorate the table. mum always sprnkles those little confetti type stars around the table. oooo and do places names so ppl know where to sit. it only takes a second to do but it just shows how much effort you're putting in. and get some vanilla scented candles because i always think that that is a christmassy smell.

    i think i might ask mum to do all this for christmas actually haha!

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