I life in Germany and thats our Christmasday:

But at first, the time bevore Christmas ( sorry my english is not the best ^^ )

Me and my brother have a lot of Calendars with chocolate. Everyday we open one door.

Then i buy all the gifts for my parents, grandma, my brother, my boyfriend and so on.

I always do greeting cards by myself. That is a lot of fun. I knit a own shawl. We always have very cold Winters.

Everyday i watch many Christmas movies. They are so wonderful. I just love Xmas ..

It September now i only think about Christmas The best time in my life. So wonderful the light in and outside.

So, now its one or two days before Christmas. Now we put the Christmastree in the Livingroom. Wa always have a very big tree. Looks so great.

Now its Christmaseve. In the morning we stand up, make our presents completely ready. Listen to Christmasmusic and watch Christmas movie.
At noon my grandma is coming to us. She celebrate it with us.
Then on the evening .. 5 o clock, we drive to the cemetery with my uncle, auntie and my 2 cousins. We pray for my Granddad.
Then at 6 o clock in the evening we are at home. Now its time to eat. The meal is sausage with some bread and so on.
After the meal, we go in our rooms and wait til 'Santa Claus is coming'
Thats the moment, where my Mom and Stepfather put the presents under the tree. My Grandma and my brother are in my room and we talk about the wonderful Christmastime.

A while ago, we here a bell ringing. Thats my Mum ; ) Its the sign, that Santa was there and we can go infront of the door. We wait, til everybody is infront of the door and then we go inside the livingroom.

Now we all stand infront of the Christmastree and listen to 'Silent Night, Holy Night'
At this moment we watch at the Tree and pray for something and enjoy, that everybody is here.

After the song, we can open our presents and listen to other wonderful Christmassongs like Drummer Boy, Santa Claus is coming to town, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, Deck the halls and so on. Just every Christmassong

After opening the presents, we say to everybody thank you for the presents and for helping someone else.

Then we sit on the table and drink something and eat selfmade cookies.

Oh its just so wonderful, all the light on th tree, wonderful decoration but the pretty best is the spirit. The Christmasspirit. Verybody ( the most ) is happy. Glow in the eyes.

The presents arent necessary.

I love this time. Oh ya, its soon Christmastime. Canīt wait. Can you wait? Ahhh i love it so much. Everyday think about Christmas.

On the feasts we celebrate it by my Grandma with my uncle, auntie, cousins, brother, stepvather, mum and so on and we eat turkey and so on.

Anymore Questions?