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Thread: Favorite Halloween costume

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    This is my favorite kids costume. I found it and my little girl adores it. She wants to wear it now!

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    I think the costumes that have the lighting built into them are such a wonderful idea for the kids. It's a wonderful safety feature.

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    My last Halloween costume was Barak Obama Nothing political, just humor

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    amy0192 Guest
    Almost halloween again guys! Well.. like 3 and a half months but thats not long, reaallyy i think im going to be a clown this year, but im not entirely sure, a zombie could be on the cards well anyway what are you all gonna be? I cant wait till halloween because i love doing the pumpkin and i love the partys, if we have one this year. I hope so. I also love it because after it, its november, my birthday month, then ater that its almost christmas woohoo :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by PumpkinJack81 View Post
    My son dressed up like a pirate last year and he had a great costume!

    That is so cute : )
    Its the season to be jolly

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    My 2 girls have only ever been witches...all by there own choice.

    They always pick there own outfit this year and even if i try and get them to try something new they are not interested....they just want to be witches.
    Steph xx
    So excited for christmas 2012

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    Ikey- Thats a cool costume. I grew up in the 80's and our costumes were always a black sack with head and arm holes cut out and a mask. I would have been so jealous of yours

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    We have a Halloween Parade in town where they award prizes for best costume. About 13 or so years ago, I made my older daughter the best costume ever! She wore a long white robe and on her head was a tall white cone with a giant snowflake attached to the top. Hanging down from the snowflake were strands of tiny white "pearls", strips of white netting and smaller "snowflakes" (actually Christmas ornaments). Her face was covered in white sparkly make-up. When she walked - all the hanging stuff blew around her face. We called her costume a Snow Storm and it won 1st prize - $100. About 10 years later we did the costume again for my younger daughter. She didn't like the hat idea, so we put the giant snowflake on a broomstick instead. She was a "Snow Queen". She also won 1st prize! I always used to pride myself on their costumes. There was only one year (out of 15 or so) that they didn't win at least an honorable mention prize!

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    I was a pirate one year; wish that costume would fit me this year. Not sure yet what I'll be but I guess I better start seriously thinking about it!

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    My favorite costume is santa claus costume

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