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Thread: solar power lighting for Christmas

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    solar power lighting for Christmas

    Would you like to try the new fashion solar power product as
    solar garden decoration light(solar butterfy,solar bird.......)
    solar falsh light.

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    Aug 2009
    I dont understand, but if you're asking if these are good ideas I'd say they're ok, maybe a solar powered snowman light or something...

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    About solar decoration light

    I plan to order some solar power decoration light from this Sunnybp.I'm not sure about the quality, it seems the price is reasonable. The solar bird light, solar butterfly light are all fit for garden decoration. I will try.

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    I would think that it would have to be in a very sunny spot to give off a little light. I have had solar lights outside and they are dim at best with southern exposure all day.

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    Louisville Kentucky
    I so wish that I could experiement with these, but my apartment complex wont allow lights.. Humbug!

    Anyways, I plan on buying a house next year and look forward to hearing from everyone on how their solar lights worked out.

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    I just get the product. From support engineer I know
    (The brand is SUNNYBP, you may search from google)
    The main parts of solar power light as
    1)Accurate power Spec. of solar PV panel, not size.
    2)The type and capacity of built-in rechargeable battery.
    3)The control circuit
    4)The material of the light
    Different above factor lead to different price.
    The product I get can light about 6-7 hours at night, if put under sunny days.
    Hope the lifetime of these lights will longer.
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    lynnevans Guest
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    Great idea

    since our local electric company is raising rates again

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    solar power lighting for Christmas

    I have sent you a email with my email address

    thanks for your intrest in the gamma card they are 68-00 ea Post and packing will depend on how you want it sent let me know and i will give you a price

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    I really like that idea... Its saving the earth one Christmas decoration at a time... niceeeee.... :D
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