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Thread: A gift for my boyfriend

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    hey i cn help,, if u want it to be very memorable..and with personal touch, i can edit ur pics on photoshop , send them in and then i send back, just prnt it and have it framed and ur gf will have the most memorable christmas gift ever

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    Treat him to a weekend away for lots of naughy fun!

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    Here are tips for anybody trying to find a gift for their boyfriend.

    Last year, I had some trouble, considering he didn't really want or need for much, so I had to go with what I thought might be fun or useful. This year, I am using a different approach and have already settled most of the things that I would like to buy for him.

    It depends on what kind of guy he is and what level of maturity you want the gift to be. I find buying him something he needs is always appreciated. My boyfriend is getting a nose hair trimmer as one of his gifts from me this year, haha. He did mention WANTING one, so I'm not going to unkindly buy it and give it to him.
    Listen to your boyfriend carefully when he mentions his needs.
    Also take his personality into your mind when you choose.
    Maybe you could homemake something if he appreciates those kinds of things? It's satisfying to buy things in order to make it into one huge, awesome gift. If making things isn't your forte, try buying him a bottle of his favourite cologne or aftershave. Maybe you could get him a nice new sweater? Something smart that he can wear when he goes out.

    I ALWAYS buy my boyfriend a good bunch of gifts for Christmas, he usually gets three or four big presents, a couple of little ones, and I always give him a teddybear and a box of shortbread, too. He likes teddybears. I've slowly forced his bedroom into a teddybear empire!

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    adrienhobbs Guest
    Have you ever considered getting him some sort of musical instrument like a guitar bass or keyboard? I can help you find something if you need some ideas!

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    I'd recommend the iPod touch for somebody as special as a boyfriend, the 8 GB one is $ 299 with a few more thrown in for the tax. I bought mine from, perhaps you can check it out too

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    art work

    go to great artwork he will love it

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    Could you tell us a bit about him please? What's he into? The outdoors, sport, computers, gaming, fishing, boating, music, literature, science, history, food???? Is he the adventurous type? Where do you guys live? Where I live, if that was my budget, I would send my husband and a friend or two (or me if I was game enough) out on an adventure tour or to the great barrier reef etc. But you might be on the other side of the world to me with possibly snow???

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    what's he into?

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    Buying gifts for men sure can end up a struggle when you're out shopping on the high street, on most occasions you come back home with nothing more than a soaring headache and aching legs. Apart from the norm such as socks, ties and a car air freshener there isn't much else you can buy for a man, right? Wrong, if you know where to look there are tons of unusual gifts for men out there that you could give to a guy and make him extremely astonished with his new gadget.

    So here's a top three unusual gift ideas guide that would make any fella a happy chappy:

    * RC Helicopters - Lets face it flying choppers in the sky is more of a man's thing than a woman's, don't ask why, it just is! RC helicopters make great unusual gifts, from the minute he unwraps his new flying toy he won't stop playing with it until the batteries have died and because most RC helicopters can be recharged in no time at all he'll be at it again within minutes. These types of addictive gadgets are brilliant for serious fun lovers, that's why they are the number one gift for any man.

    * USB Gadgets and Toys - You wouldn't think a PC or MAC could lead you to the best unusual gifts around, you best believe it because they can. USB gadgets (aka USB toys) are the number one thingamabob's to give to a man if he spends a lot of time on computers as they offer no end of amusing entertainment when they want time-out from tapping that boring old document. USB gadgets are available with many types of interactive activity such as the USB Boxer and USB Parrot, they are very easy to use, just plug them in and they are raring to go. These PC Toys are right there in the top three unusual gifts for men.

    * Electric Shock Games - A man will always want to prove his machoness and separate himself from the boys. There's no better way for him to demonstrate this 'hardness' by putting it to test with an electric shock game. Now these are unusual gifts with a buzz! Once received there is absolutely no doubt he'll gather all his mates round for a good old zapping session and see who really is the toughest of them all!

    We Provide Kinds Of Party Christmas Gifts. Cheap Prices & Good Qualities. Guaranteed!

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    i would reccommend giving your bf an experience. take him somewhere, boys are hard to shop for anyways so taking them somewhere would be pretty easy and a gift in itself.

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