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Thread: I've got great x-mas gift ideas...

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    I have no idea now.

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    My dad's gonna celebrate his 65th birthday on the 28th and I am giving him the stilleto2. It's so easy to use and since he is a radio fanatic I know that it would be useful for him!
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    :gift: Send a fun, affordable family tradition

    Start your family and friends on a fun and inexpensive Christmas tradition. It works like this; shortly after Thanksgiving Elfie magically appears in the home. Every night he finds a new hiding place to be found in the morning. For the believers Elfie moves "magically" during the night and cannot be touched or he will lose his magic. For the older kids and even adults hiding and finding Elfie is fun. You never know where that cute little fella will show up. The gift pack includes a full color storybook, an Elfie character doll, a CD recording of the story and stickers.

    You can find Elfie right now at

    Happy Hunting

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowdog View Post
    I think it is a bad idea to give cash in a card. It's not a very personal gift. Does you father have any interests?
    Cash in a card is great for sons and daughters in college. Once upon a time, I was there. I remember. I truly appreciated it.

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    Small Christmas Treat for the Kids

    I forgot to mention... a few weeks ago, I got an eCard from a friend. I usually don't like eCards. Most of them are kind of bad, but the one my friend sent me was REALLY different.

    I was surprised because when I clicked on the link, I saw a short movie that had great film quality. It was so CLEAR, and the music was great. I went to the site, and I found a short film for Christmas. It's about 5 minutes. You can see it here:

    I plan on sending this to my younger relatives who live far away. Just an idea for the rest of you aunts and second cousins twice removed!

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    That was cute thanks for sharing it!

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