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Thread: Multicolored lights - what's your verdict

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    Multicolored lights - what's your verdict

    Do you like them, if so, how do you use them? Why do (or don't) you like them?

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    I like them a lot. I also like white ones, but there has to be a lot of them, and since I don't have the patience (nor good will) to place dozens of packages on my tree (or in my yard), I prefer the look of fewer large lights, but multicolored ones. They just seem festive and cheerful to me, while I like to see whites outside of home, in goverment buildings or other more formal places.

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    I like the multi-colored lights because that's what we always had when I was a child. The 16 function ones are fun!

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    I like the multi colored.I also have the 16 function.
    My daughter one year said Mom put white (clear)lights on I liked that too.so what I would do is put the white lights in the middle the colored on the outside.the result is great!Gives it a 3D look to it.Try it you might like it.

    Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Night

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    I love multi colored lights, all my trees, doors, archways and outdoors have them...

    icon from pattywack1992 @ LJ

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    I really see multi colored lights as the way of the futre.

    The white lights were fun for a while, but styles change and I think the style has changed!

    While White is nice, color just seems to be more fun.


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    all I have ever used was the colored lights. even growing up we had the colored lights. I have never used white lights on a tree before. I would have to try the white lights to give an honest answer!
    Wishing you many hot cocoa mornings and firesky nights throughout the new year!

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    Wow, I expected answers to be more versatile, especially since I don't see people using multicolored lights much these days, especially on trees. Since I live with my parents I have to combine all our tastes when decorating the tree. And since they like it simple and elegant (read: boooooring) and I like all the colors of the rainbow, I give them their 2 or 3 color combination, but place multicolor lights along with the white ones, for myself. They never mind. The only mistake was that I didn't buy rice lights this Christmas (will do next time) so colors of bulbs were visible even when the lights were off, but there weren't many of them at least. I do like white lights too, but as I said I only like it when there are tons of them on the tree and I'm too lazy to do that myself. I also like twinkling whites outside, but I'm not too crazy about twinkling colored lights cause that seems more "Viva Las Vegas" than "Silent Night" to me

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    I prefer the colored ones- reminds me more of holiday fun. But I have a terrible time with them on the outside bushes (they're big). I don't know if they're just making really cheap product or if there's something wrong electrically with the house, but I'd get them all up and plug them in and half the strand of several of them would be out. It would take me hours just to get the bushes looking ok and I don't know how many trips to the store during it, to get extras. And then during the season, I'd see more out. Very frustrating. I can very much relate to the part in the song "The 12 Pains of Christmas" bringing up the lights.... (<---- that's not me yawning, it's me blowing off steam lol) So, this last year, I took a break from that and put white lights on the bushes and alternating colored lights in the candles in the windows (usually I have colored on the bushes and white in the candles). I prefer the colored on the bushes, but I just couldn't face it this year. It's peculiar that the white lights don't have the problem of half the strand going out.
    The holly's up, the house is all bright, The tree is ready, the candles alight; Rejoice and be glad, all children tonight.

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    While we only tend to use colored lights on our live tree in the living room, I don't mind them at all on other people's homes or trees. We just use white lights with a little red and green outside and keep the multi-colored lights on our tree inside.
    Bob, Forum Moderator

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