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Thread: When do you guys take down your trees?

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    Oct 2008
    The Lunar/Chinese New Year is a major celebration here and is usually in January or February (this year, it will be at the end of January). I know some people who remove all the Christmas decorations from the tree and replace them with little firecrackers and faux limes which are traditional Lunar New Year decorations. I've given that some thought but I felt it was not right. I don't feel comfortable with putting decorations other than Christmas ones on the tree

    And in other news.... I'm still procrastinating...

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    I will take mine down on Jan 6.

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    Oct 2008
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    I take mine down on New Years Eve/ New Years Day.

    This year I had everything down by New Years Day.

    It's still so depressing once everything is put away... but it wouldn't be special otherwise Here's to 2009! I am already looking forward to it

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    We've usually taken ours down the day after Christmas or the weekend after. The rest of my family is always hot to de-decorate! lol.

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    We take ours down after 3 Kings Day. But it's a sad thing, so we all put it off and this year we procrastinated to the point that it came down near the end of January. But it was in amazing health- no needles falling off. It seemed such a shame to take it down even then!
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    We normally leave ours up until the first or second weekend in January, but since we were traveling after Christmas this year DW and I took it down the day after Christmas. It was so sad to see it down so early...
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    usually the 2nd week of January. I hate saying good bye to Christmas

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    I would like to take mine down on the 27th, there is nothing worse than a christmas tree with no prospects lol.

    but I wait and take it down on new years day usually, i like it down by the 5th jan as my children are born very close to christmas and I dont want their birthdays to blur with the celebrations, its hard enough anyway lol

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    welcome Hazelnut! I am leaving mine up until Janaury 1st this year. but usually we take it down on the 26th
    Wishing you many hot cocoa mornings and firesky nights throughout the new year!

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    My husband is Italian, so he likes to wait until after the Italian Christmas, which is a week into January. Last year we had our first artificial tree, so we actually kept it up 2 weeks into January, both because the tree was so gorgeous the thought of putting it away mede me sad, and because I was just too tired to face the task.

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