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Thread: Special Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

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    Special Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

    Here I would like to share some unique Christmas gift ideas to help you send out a handmade Christmas gift to your children.
    1. Video cards
    It will be a great gift for a new mom who is interested in using computer with her baby as a learning tool. You can list all the important words and images that you think a young infant need to know. Click to play the DIY video. Then teach your baby one by one. If you already have kids, this would be a fun project for you. You can click here to learn how to make a video card.

    2. Knit a stuffed animal
    Maybe some of you consider knitting as a tough thing. But in fact, if you could use thick needles and thick yarn, you should be able to jig up something that can be shaped into a hippopotamus-like form. Then knit it big and feel it afterwards. You can click here to learn how to make s stuffed animal in 10 steps.

    3. Making matching outfits for your child and the stuffed animal
    Children are always fancy about new things. If a stuffed animal is not enough, you can make a suite of matching outfits for him and his stuffed animal. A neighbor of mine once knit up a rabbit for his daughter, and made a little vest and scarf for the monkey and a matching one for the girl. Those days, she always loved wearing the new clothes and dragging her matching rabbit around with him. If you can sew or knit, you can do this.

    4. Record your child’s growth
    Make a photo album with your children’s pictures each year, and write out your best wishes to them. When they grow up, it will be a big fortune to them. Considering paper ones are not ideal for long-time preserve, you can make some video ones or DVD ones. For the details about how to do it, you can click here. Here is a ready-made video photo album from YouTube:

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    thanks for the ideas.
    Wishing you many hot cocoa mornings and firesky nights throughout the new year!

    (((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) Everybody Needs a Hug
    It changes your metabolism ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))!!!

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    Special Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

    It's that time of the year again when among lots of other things you have to buy presents for everyone. Is your list ready yet?Children want something special, something none only they may have. If your child demands that special gift, one of the best options available.
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    Unique Christmas Gifts

    Hello, pictures are a great way to personalise a gift for a loved one. One idea is to give a framed picture of a particularly happy memory, such as a picture from a Summer holiday or with a family pet. Child winning a competition or race etc. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Mother Christmas

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    Have you ever thought about fireworks. My favorite christmas fireworks are Stars of Santa and Jingle Bang.
    You can get them from Brilliant Fireworks.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

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    Hi, I'm here again.

    Find an activity about Christmas gift ideas here.
    You only need to share a picture of what gift you want to get this Christmas, and you may have the chance to win $300 Amazon gift card.

    Good luck.

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    Well, iPad is a good gift, I think.

    According to surveys, everyone, everywhere, even kids want an iPad for Christmas. Yeah, right.

    Pat, you can read this article "Best personalized christmas gift ideas for 2010" located in iFunia to get some good inspiration. :D
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    Here's something that might be interesting Children Pendants, Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Children That Everyone will Love.

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    Cute ideas. Especially the mathcing outfits for child and stuffed animal.

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