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Thread: Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

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    Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

    Im a vegetarian and always feel I am missing out at Christmas. I usually have a Quorn chicken fillet as a turkey replacement but am getting a little bored of this as I always have this for my Sunday dinner too!!

    Has anyone got any vegetarian alternatives that that would make this years Christmas dinner different from my usual?

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    I always find I'm more interisted in the side dishes than the meat. Are you Vegan or just vegetarian? I've had some killer Mac& Cheese in my day. What about other pasta dishes? I had some wonderful squash and pumpkin raviolli once at a restraunt in New York. Last Christmas I was in California and one of the best things I did was have dinner at "RAW" in Santa Monica. It was fantastic and I highly recomend this restaurant to anyone viseting the L.A. area. Anyway he has a cookbook. I saw it on Amazon. You might get some ideas from that. I think it's called the "UNCOOKBOOK".
    Sorry I don't have better suggestions.

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