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  1. Hi Tink I'm here doing my chores while listening to Christmas music. I lit a Christmas candle. If only it wasn't so sunny out. I guess I'll be having the day off. Too bad I didn't want one today. Do I complain too much?
  2. Morning Tia,
    Hope you are well.
  3. Morning.........
  4. Hey All is well I hope the same for you
  5. Good Afternoon Tia....Hope you are well

  6. Thank you Yvette. And I hope you and your family are well. Can you believe how close we are to start decorating? It is so exciting !!!
  7. Hi Tia,
    I have started getting decorations out of the shed and now I am making a few for the kitchen theme
    so keeping pretty busy.I hope you and your family are well.
  8. Hey Tink, what's up my friend? How's it going with the new Christmas purchases? Did you get anything else? Still no sign of Christmas here. Kalinyhta (Goodnight in greek)
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