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  1. This is for you: :D
  2. Hope you're doing well...I haven't "seen" you lately!
  3. Hope you're having a great Saturday! :D
  4. Haha! Thanks!
  5. Oh I can get you a pirate smiley! How's this one? Yo ho! Here's to wishing we were someplace tropical with the sand beneath our toes, a parrot perched nearby and nothing but the sound of the ocean waves and a light breeze ringing in our ears...Sigh.
  6. I wish I could say I've been down in the tropics. Ahhh...that would would have been lovely. Under a palm tree with an exotic parrot perched next to me. (a pirate smiley would have done nicely here)
  7. Where have you been?
  8. Thanks Hope you did, too! I'm thinking I will celebrate belatedly...I plan on being outdoors as much as possible this weekend- it's going to get up into the high 80's!!!!
  9. Hope you had a great Earth Day!
  10. I was gonna say...I thought I answered this thread already! lol You're answering faster than I can post!
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